Sunday, August 22, 2010

This used to be a blog about archaeology.

This used to be a blog about the dig where I work in Egypt but in recent times it's been much more about our summers in France. However, I am a very proud Auntie today as my godson and de facto nephew Dan has been awarded a place to study at Lampeter and being a sensible type he is going to study ARCHAEOLOGY! Hooray.

I thought I'd repossess the blog for archaeology just this one time and offer Dan and anyone else reading, a list of things which are very rarely found by archaeologists.

10-Dinosaur Bones
9-Mummies (errr actually as an Egyptologist...)
8-Precious Jewelry
7-Alien Artifacts
6-Treasure Chests
5-The Lost Tribes of Israel
4-Whole Pots (who wants whole ones?)
3-Secret Tunnels
1-A Steady Job!!!

Ha ha I've got a steady job although admittedly not as an archaeologist, however, I've always managed to keep involved and I'm really proud that Dan has chosen a similar path. Mind you he is interested in Romans and what have they ever done for us??


JoeyJoJo said...

Hmmm let me think. Wine, pasta (oh no that was Marco Polo)straight roads, brickmaking etc etc.
Well done Dan, you're following in very large footprints.

sallywj said...

Romans grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hooligans the lot of them