Saturday, August 21, 2010


Just a mini blog before the marathon tale of going to Millau. We drove a long away all the way across the department of the Aveyron on Tuesday to go and see the spectacular Millau viaduct. On the way I saw something that I had not seen for years, probably not since I was a child visiting France with my mum and dad, and that thing was a poster for a wine called Vin Fou made by a winery called Henri Maire.

The posters were very distinctive with red and green lettering and they all said Vin Fou (meaning crazy wine). Some them then said Henri Maire the name of the winemaker (the Henri seems to vanished here, couldn't find a better pic sorry. Others said Oh je l'aime which means Oh I like it, the wine that is... When I was little these posters were everywhere and we used to play a car game guessing which one it would be. If you got it right you got points and you got more points for an Oh je l'aime because they were less common.

As far as I know my mum and dad had been spotting the posters since they first came to France on a tandem in 1948! I was really excited to see an extremely rare Vin Fou as we returned home on Tuesday and immediately reverted to being 5, screaming, "Vin Fou, Henri Maire" at the top of my lungs to the consternation of John Mike and Sue. Anyway once they understood, photos were taken for your delight and I was thrilled to find that Henri Maire is still going and still producing Vin Fou in the Jura region.

So I think a little purchase might just be coming on in honour of two outstanding parents who gave me more than I could ever thank them for, without me even realising it.


JoeyJoJo said...

Bravo to your Mum and Dad, even though I never met them, I really really like them and am so thankful for them having a beautiful bonny bouncing girl called Sally when they least expected it.

sallywj said...

They certainly didn't expect it...they'd be married almost 20 years. It was a wet summer in the Ardeche!