Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A busy weekend

Hello Folks
We have certainly had a weekend full of excitement. First off was the Offenbach Festival at Bruniquel. Didn't get to bed till 4am but it was amazing. Look at http://www.bruniqueloff.com/ for an idea about how much fun it was. Then there was the sausage and aligot feast at St Igne of which more in a sec, Sunday took us first to the Brocante (antique and bric a brac fair) at Laguepie where we made an amazing find soon to feature in this very blog; then to St Antonin for the firework display which was so fab it made me weep, (pathetic I know but there are lots of memories associated with this particular event, such as watching it for the first time ever with John the during summer that we decided to get married, ahhhhhhhhhhhh).

We ended up the weekend on Monday (shameful but pleasant) by going to the market in Caussade where we bought beautiful French net curtain material for The Old Dairy, the net curtains there, let's face it, being a disgrace. Joey advice needed about the sewing up! We also had to buy a new hoover as the old one expired on Saturday with a bang, a cloud of dust, cat fur and smoke. Erk. Other purchases included a new shower head and a bag of cat litter, we really know how to live it up!

We then repaired to Septfonds and our favourite restaurant where we ate an amazingly delicious salad, pink melting slices of lamb roasted with garlic and ginger, buttery pasta, fresh strawberries, (John had cake and cream with his), half a litre of rose Gaillac wine and an espresso for 15 Euros each, can we stay here please?? The food in this particular place always has such incredible flavour and the cooking is really intelligent.

I promised to mention St Igne but I think that might need another post, and I have jobs to do, wash the floor, do the laundry, post post cards, book restaurant for arriving guests, hoover with new natty rechargeable dust buster thingy, replace shower head, brush cats, make plum jam, look at French folders for school, (might put that one off), get lunch ready, phew being a french house wife really takes it out of you. Mind you there must be something in the water here that keeps people fit and healthy, here are Mesdames Dazol and Viguier both over 90 both close neighbours and as hail and hearty as anything. You should see them both eat. When asked by John what breed of dog she had Mme. Viguier replied "il est un petit batard!" Tell it like it is girls.


JoeyJoJo said...

Somehow in all the excitement of men dressed as Willies, I missed this post. You are hilarious Sal. I can't wait to see the loot from the brocante (photos please as soon as you've hoovered/madejam/cleaned up etc).
I'm happy, very happy to help with anything net!
I do remember Septfond with great fond-ness and the strawberries we ate there will go down as one of my all time favourite desserts.
Lots of love girly and have a great deal of fun on my behalf. xxxxx

Mrs WJ said...

Joey Ludbrook I love you xxxxx