Monday, August 16, 2010

Random jottings from Verfeil

Hello out there I'm blogging a bit to record what has been happening although to be honest the answer is not a lot. On Wednesday we had a great walk in the department of the Lot. 5.5 km most of which seemed to be up hill! I can never understand why a walk that begins by going uphill can also manage to go up hill almost all the way and then end by yes, you've guessd it going uphill. Grrrr. We ended up by looking at the outside of the Chateau de Cenervieres which had a gratifying and requisite number of pepper pot towers making it look like a child's drawing of a castle.

On Thursday we headed for Rodez and collected our friends Sue and Mike who arrived just in time for lunch! We took the off to Salles La Source where the service was much faster and we ate a yummy lunch finishing off with a rare treat for me... milk and white chocolate mousse which was the best ever honestly. We've mostly done our fave touristy things like Cordes and the market, St Antonin and today we are going to Caussade then to Septfonds for lunch. They have this amazing lunchtime deal at Septfonds, three courses and wine included for €15. The cooking is thoughtful and a bit unusual with a strong Moroccan influence and we always love going there.

Aside from this there isn't much to report apart from having to post a recorded delivery letter to the UK which to our horror cost €44. We could have had lunch for that much!!! John is writing, Amelie's paws are on the mend and we think her allergy is to packet cat food so they are both back on tuna! I am covered in teeth marks from dosing her, and Spike thinks we are all a bit strange.

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