Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things to be found in the country

Why is everywhere always up hill? At least it's picturesque.

A butterfly with amazing camouflage

Wild honeysuckle
I think these might be cherries but we didn't eat them just in case.

A stone water cistern with very interesting corbelling (honestly)

Wouldn't mind living here

This is a bit more in our price range however. A shepherds hut, look at that amazing drystone construction! No mortar in sight. (And no that isn't the drystone shepherd).

These little shelters are all over the place to shelter the men who had to be out on the hills in all weather. Some are even tucked into the construction of walls. I've seen stone age dwelling built exactly like this. Hey ethnoarchaeology...get a grip girl you're on holiday.

While the chutney bubbles, the cats zizz and John reads the local paper dictionary in hand I'm about to blog again, it must be a record, well I need something to distract me from the vinegar fumes and the fact that I have managed to choose the hottest day of the year so far to make my annual batch of chutney. It is 8pm and still too hot to open the windows. Good thing we joined the cats for a zizz earlier. I'm glad I decided to attack the wisteria whilst it was cool this morning.
I've mentioned our walks which take us all over the region and allow us to get up close and personal with the wildlife and the countryside. Well the most recent one took us the the valley of the river Lot and we had a truly beautiful walk during which we encountered all kinds of fascinating things including a very shy deer who bounded off before we could photograph it. This is really just to share some of the things we saw. Better go, I can hear the chutney making ominous noises!

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