Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello My Old China

Ages ago I mentioned that we had made an amazing find at a brocante, a sort of attic sale. So, as promised here are some pix. Now most of you reading this will know that I am keen on pots so when I saw the cheeky gleam of gold in the bottom of a dusty box I was quick to investigate what proved to be some rather nifty gilding on some rather splendid plates. Had a quick butcher's underneath only to see the magic words Limoges and Porcelain. The old ticker started to bump a bit and a rough count up revealed about 30 plates and some serving dishes. On brushing the dust off a bit more we decided it was worth asking the price which turned out to be a measly €50 so we snapped them up and rushed off home where careful washing revealed 17 dinner plates, 6 smaller dessert plates, 6 pasta type dishes, a large serving platter, a large plate and a beautiful bowl. Blimey. Our neighbours reckon €50 was too much as no one want old stuff any more but I'm not so sure, I think we got a bargain and anyway I love them.

It's been a good week for Limoges (which is kind of the French Stoke On Trent) pottery as we were in another brocante, this time a shop, and I fell in love with a fabulous mortar and pestle, which also turned out to be Limoges by a designer called Robj. He's very interesting I googled him but it's too hot to write about him now, another time when my wrists are not sticking to the keyboard, nice image sorry. I think design decor and function come together perfectly in this piece and the fact that it was all shiny and gold had nothing whatsoever with my decision to buy it.

Also...I have finished all my French planning hahahaha so let the inspectors come and see if I care.

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JoeyJoJo said...

OH MY GOD. I'll give you £100 straight away for it. it's absolutely gorgeous. The mortar and pestle is to die for. Can't wait for the next exciting porcelain adventure. Keep up the good work of lifting the taste quota in Verfeil. xxxxxxx