Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sir Lunchalot

We have just waved good bye to our last wave of guests the lovely Mike and Sue (sniff) and now we are peaceful and there is time to slob on the sofa and blog. We have had a lovely time going off here there and everywhere and eating lunch at every possible opportunity. We took Mike and Sue to lunch the moment their plane touched down, then had lunch in Albi, and Septfonds and two picnics one at Millau and the other near Rodez it's a tough life, no wonder John calls himself Sir Lunchalot.

After lunch in Salles La Source we decided to have a walk so off we went to look at the wonderful Mediaeval village (almost inevitably) at the top of the hill. It certainly helped the lunch to go down and there was a certain amount of horsing around involving John, that gentle, affable soul, trying to kick me on the bottom. This is not as bad as it sound as he has such long legs that he can do it quite easily whilst walking along side me just by bending his knee up and to the side. I thought his knees were supposed to be dodgy but he seems to manage. In order to retaliate which of course is de rigeur, I have to give a little jump which looks pretty stupid especially from behind. Anyway the resulting photos are amusing (thank you Sue), but, I realise, they do actually show yours truly (even if it is from the back) which is a rare occurrence and wonder of wonders I am not wearing black AT ALL! Mike and John also appear to be pulling some funny faces although we are not sure why. Sue was probably deciding to buy one of the many houses which she identified as having potential and Mike and John are being entertained by the potential cost, although probably for different reasons!


JoeyJoJo said...

Oooooooh its HOW MUCH?
Loving it all. Thanks Sal.

Mrs WJ said...

Haha anyway we can't afford it!