Saturday, August 7, 2010

A visit to Rodez

During the last week we have had the lovely Moule family as our guests. We managed to have an amazing time and Spike especially loved being cuddled and hugged by Lucy. Other highlights included swimming in the river Aveyron, playing endless silly games and eating far too much. It was sad when it came to Thursday and we had to wave them off at Rodez airport. There were, however, a few saving graces to make up for having to say goodbye.

First of all we went to Salle La Source for lunch, this is an amazingly beautiful Medieval village with a stunning waterfall. There is also an excellent restaurant in easy driving distance of the airport. It makes a lovely treat for those on afternoon flights to have a final, delicious lunch. Sadly on this occasion there was a crisis in the kitchen and we ended up waiting for over an hour for our main course. Oh dear we were not happy but the patron obviously realised and gave us out puddings by way of compensation. The food was really good too with a special mention going to the chocolate mousse.

On the way home we got to admire the magnificent Tour de France cows made of straw bales. The Tour passed through Rodez this year and we were filled with admiration for this awe inspiring public tribute. We also had a great view of Rodez cathedral in the distance, flanked by some wind turbines. I actually quite like turbines I think they are kind of magnificent and modern looking and quite exciting. Perhaps I don't get out enough but I think they emphasise the beauty and age of the cathedral rather than detracting from it and anything which gives us cleaner energy is a good thing. I'll get off my soapbox now and have my siesta. What a tough life.

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