Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Excitement at the supermarket

Now I don't want you to get over excited at the title of this blog. Let's face it supermarkets are not usually that exciting although I must admit that I am a bit addicted to going into them in different parts of the world mainly to see what the local food is like and to see what people are eating. Ive fossicked in freezers from Arran to Zumpango (Mexico...yes really) learning a lot in the process. French supermarkets are usually repositories of everything good and I can't wait to get in there and admire the exotic range of goodies on offer, not least the wide range of intestines and other fascinating body parts!

Well the most exciting news on the old supermarche front in deepest south western France is that there is a brand spanking new Leclerc supermarket on the outskirts of Villefranche de Rouergue which is the town where we do our weekly shopping. Normally we are to be found in Aldi just up the road which is cheap and has all our basic needs at good prices. Going to Leclerc is a bit like going to Waitrose and probably equally expensive but the siren call of the aisles was hard to resist and in we went!

This proved to be something of a mistake as we came out a short time later considerably impoverished but laden with goodies and having had a variety of thrills. Where to star....hmmmm.....well perhaps I should mention the dishy man on the fish counter, sort of a fishy dishy I suppose (sorry!), he was quite easy on the eye and I bought more piscatorial products than strictly necessary!!!! The wonderful choice of fish did help to encourage me!Following that there was the steak mincing machine, for a mere 9 Euros I bought a kilo of steak and.... he cut it off a real joint of virtually fat free meant and minced it right in front of my eyes coooo.

However the most thrilling thing was the vegetable counters honest honest no kidding. They have these amazing funky chilled counters which blow a cooling misty vapour all over the veg and now I come to think of it the fish too in order to keep it calm and chilled whilst it awaits its inevitable fate. I was fascinated, never seen anything like it in all my life. Mind... I think the man who was watching me photograph the veg thought I was a bit funny!

Going off to play cards now and inevitably to get beaten. I'll try to photograph the fishy dishy for your delectation next time.

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