Thursday, August 27, 2009

Showers and Lightning

One of Spike's favourite occupations is to fight the shower fairy. The plug hole makes a very compulsive gurgling sound and obviously whatever it is that causes it has to be captured and dealt with. The metal drain cover also makes a most appealing clanking noise especially on the tiled hall floor outside the bathroom. Yesterday morning he had to be evicted from the shower by four different people but that wasn't the end of his troubles.

A minute or two later the promised thunderstorm finally arrived with a bang, quite literally; causing Spike to arrive in our room at top speed and fluffed out like a bottle brush. The storm rolled around overhead and as you can see Spike was less than impressed. We were all a bit less than impressed a while after that, when there was a huge explosion with fizzling and a strong smell of ozone. It was pretty clear that something had been hit.

Unfortunately further investigation showed that it was the church spire which had taken a direct hit. Slates were scattered about all over the pavement.

The hole is pretty big but hopefully the insurance will cover repairs. Our house is insured against lightning strikes, I've always thought this was a bit of overkill but now I'm rather glad that it is. At least the storm has cooled the weather down. Yesterday morning there was a beautiful soft autumn mist and it was deliciously cool. Spike and Amelie both like it a lot more and there has been a lot of hurtling up and down the stairs. They like us will miss being here.


JoeyJoJo said...

OMG OMG OMG. What a classic. I'm so glad it wasn't 50 metres down the hill at your house. Great photos Sal.
I'm glad Spike is getting to grips with that damn sink fairy.
I'm so glad it's a bit cooler there. It's been perfect here and now I have a workroom in France.
Big love from Joeyxxxxxxxx

sallywj said...

Greta news I hope the covers are going well and the Hollandiase isn't being too bossy (that's the lady not the sauce.) Your teabags are on their way.
Love hugs and kisses from the WJ family and the sink fairy!

sallywj said...

Oh dear, wonky typing sorry. Amelie was helping!

JoeyJoJo said...

No worries Buddy. (And to think you're an English teacher must be all that time thinking in French)
Thanks for sending the T bags, we'll toast you with a cuppa when they come. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx