Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random stuff from Verfeil

All sorts of things have been happening lately the most joyous being a long visit from our friends Joey and Richard. Lots of food has been eaten, wine drunk and games played amid a great deal of hilarity.

One vital aspect of most visits is trips to the local bakers for those all important breakfast croissants. The bakers in Verfeil is fantastic and sells the most delicious apple tart as well as all the bread type things you'd expect. They also stock groceries and other necessities. The sweet bakery smell takes me straight back to my childhood and I'm pleased to think that these small shops are still holding out in corners of rural France. Indeed they are important vectors for information. If there is a funeral to be held in the village there is always a notice up in the bakers telling you where and when. I also love the fact that they stock a fizzy lemonade which rejoices in the name of Pschitt. Not a comment on the quality but the sound the bottle makes when you open it!

Of course if you are a cat and it is 40 degrees, all this is irrelevant and all you want to do is kip.

And if you know who bashed into our car and drove off please let us know. It happened in the supermarket car park in Negrepelisse. Never mind the dynasty which runs the bakery also has a garage directly opposite the bakers shop and M. Guibert is going to do his thing to fix us up.

After all the aggro with the car here is a soothing picture of the waterfall at Salles La Source a stunning and soothing place to spend a few minutes.
Finally behold the handmade bunting care of the divinely talented Joey Ludbrook
All the neighbours were fascinated when it went up...what are the mad English up to now? They cried. But we explained that it was all the fashion in England and that we were celebrating the arrival of our dear friends so I think it was OK although John thinks they look a bit like knickers...Oh dear. I think they look great and you can see the plants doing well. The wisteria is also doing well especially now that Richard has helped John cut it back a bit, much to our neighbour Robert's delight.
Finally for your delectation all the excitement of Sunday's newspaper, La Depeche de Tarn et Garonne.
The nudist campsite has had less visitors this year than last, is this because the campers are becoming more sensitive to the cold?
The old peoples' club in Valence D'Agen will be dining out on vegetable soup, scallops and white fish in white wine sauce, roast chicken with onion marmalade, Provencal tomatoes, braised artichokes, cheese and finally pear tart. YUM.
There is a dog exhibition taking place all day in Lauzerte where there will also be a dog beauty contest.
Montauban Rugby club is in trouble, "stuffed again"!
And finally in Castelnaudary today is the tenth Cassoulet festival.


JoeyJoJo said...

Oh no, don't tell me we're missing out on the cassoulet festival. My waistline could do with a few MORE kilograms...
I hope it's a bit cooler soon Ma Chere, I'll never knock the Northern hemisphere again, I promise. We miss you and had such a lovely time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S sorry to hear about the nudist camp, maybe we should all meet there next year.

sallywj said...

OK I'm game if you are, just be careful when staffing the barbeque!
Ha ha.
We loved having you and it feels really odd now you've gone.
Take it easy