Friday, August 7, 2009

Culinary Activity

As you may know I'm addicted to French cookery magazines especially Cuisine Actuelle and Maxi Cuisine. They always seems to have such interesting and creative recipes like jelly of fresh Charentais melon with red fruit coulis, and savoury beef crumble with hazelnut topping and couscous with goats cheese and apple and courgette flowers stuffed with chicken mousse and fried in tempura batter and white bean soup spiced with cumin and vinegar and filo pastries stuffed with herbs garlic and goats cheese and... stop me now before I expire from hunger. Every time I get a magazine I end up cooking for days which is fun when you have time and wonderful ingredients. Anyway one of the recipes was for a quiche made with a commercially available fresh soup containing leeks and scallops. Here is the result made with olive oil pastry and I hope you'll agree that it looks pretty scrummy, it even looks a bit like the pic in the magazine so there you are. Admire and when I can find the magazine again I'll blog the recipe. I'm sure you could use any soup.

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JoeyJoJo said...

Oh my goodness that look delicious. Hungry now and I only just had dinner. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx