Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Petit Randonee a Septfonds

A few days ago we managed to have our first walk of the year. Mercifully, the weather has been much cooler than we we expecting and there has been a gentle breeze and even a suggestion of rain. This makes it very pleasant to walk and we did about 7km all around the village of Septfonds. We were hoping to see ye famous old dolmens and amazingly we actually found one, the tomb of the giant. It was really fascinating and as you can see the countryside was looking fresh and beautiful. I love walking because you get to see all the butterflies and plants which you just don't see from a vehicle. The little bees were having a lovely time in the teazles.

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JoeyJoJo said...

Hey Sal. It all looks lovely.We had a bit of day out too today, at Wiveton café. Must take you there when you get back. Lots of love and do some more sleeping.
P.S. Loved the tomb of the giant