Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just a quick blog to say that you can see me and my bits of pot at my face book account the address is the title for this blog. Its very slow to upload anything so make the most of this. NB Facebook account is Sally Swain. We have begun to clear the entrance to the cave and its is sealed with mud brick so everyone is keen to know what is inside. Yesterday the stele was cleaned and uncovered and joy of joys it is a royal inscription of Sesostris II who was king of Egypt in the 12th dynasty around 4000 years ago. We have deck planks and other ship timbers including bits of oars and also a wooden mallet. Even better the inscription on the stele mentions the famous land of PUNT, so we know the expedition set off from here to go to Punt. Its wonderful, a bit like finding an inscription that mentions Atlantis! As the stele was cleared we all stood and watched. The Hieroglyph of the sun god had colour left on it. You can imagine the excitement as the royal name was revealed.


Sam & Jon said...

This is fantastic, how wonderful that you are there to see it all. I am sooo jealous. Can't access Facebook, suppose it's because I don't have an account, but look forward to seeing some piccies on 24th January.


Sandra said...

This is all so exciting! Wish I was with you plus could really handle a bit of sun! (-2 here)Looking forward to your next up date Good luck! love Sx

JoeyJoJo said...

WOW. Salleeeee. That is so exciting. I'm commenting here and then hotfooting it over to facebook to see the photocoes. Haven't been of much use to anyone have been in bed for days with the wog thats going round. Big Love though.