Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What have we ear?

Well we have arrived and almost immediately the excitement has begun with lots of bits of interesting pottery from all over the place including South Arabia and Nubia as well as Egypt. Our wood specialist has found some ebony fragments and most exciting of all we have a new and apparently un opened cave! COOOOO. Apprently it smells very musty!

In my little ceramic corner of the world I have thousands of bits of big storage jar and also this very odd looking thing which might come from a jar called a Bes vase showing the face of the god Bes. He was popular with ordinary people and though to ward off evil. Mind you I only have one this bit which might or might not be an ear...erk.

Lots of other interesting little problems are occupying me so this is all for now, but as you can see the weather is great and the sky is blue watch this space for more about the cave. It could be very exciting. It takes ages to upload pictures so please be patient if there aren't many.

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