Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Jottings from Verfeil

Market Day

Where's Asterix?

Ye famous sunflowers!

Lots of people having a good time in a barn, it was very noisy.

Err. Have another pint of wine dear.

It's official St Ant is one of the best.

Let me out!

It's too hot

Well, it hardly seems like a week since we arrived but quite a lot has happened, so where shall I begin? We had a quiet and uneventful journey although the cats were not too impressed with being in their cage for so long, but they we pretty good and only yelled to come out a few times.

It was horribly hot and stormy when we arrived and we had a huge code orange thunderstorm on the second night. It was so warm and humid no one knew what to do with themselves especially poor Spike who conked out on the rug. After the storm it was much better and we have had beautiful weather since then.

On Saturday night we went to our first feast in a field only because of the weather it had to be in a huge barn. You haven't lived until you've eaten yourself silly on salad and melon and ham and lamb chops and sausages and cheese and ice cream and bread in a tin barn filled with 400 very drunken people all singing and dancing and throwing ice-cream cartons. We sang the napkin waving song which we seem to sing at every summer feast and which obviously rouses great emotion but we have no idea at all what it's about! Still we enjoyed it and John waves a mean napkin! We were with our adopted family the Lafons and very entertaining it was.

The next excitement was the market in St Antonin, officially one of the best markets in France according to an article in this month's Cuisine Actuelle (a bit like Good Housekeeping). I thought the photo looked a bit familiar and it was! We bought lots of yummy stuff and the sunflowers were out in force.

Today we had our first walk, well more of a scramble up the side of a mountain really! Blimey, but we made it even though it was hard to tell where the path started and finished. We saw the remains of a Gaulish fortified village but there was no sign of Asterix! Altogether its been a busy week. Sorry the photos are in no particular order at the top. I was ina hurry!


JoeyJoJo said...

oooh ooooh ahhh. It all looks absolutely marvelous. Can't wait to get to that market. Enjoy the warm weather because it's raining here and Ricardo has gone off in his shorts to work!!! Zut alors. Lots of love to all 4 of you. xxxxxxxxxxxxx Joey

Mrs WJ said...

Ha ha Ma cherie your wish will be our command. The gelee de cassis looks fab.