Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two walks

The weather has been beautiful, although it is raining today. We have been making the most of it by walking through the countryside on some of the way marked paths. We also took the cats for a walk. Amelie was perfect and trotted along happily,

with John whilst I dragged Spike with me until he lay down and refused to go any further so I ended up carrying him. Walking makes you realise how many amazing wild flowers are blooming at present. We really enjoyed walking alongside the river Bonnette and seeing the Cascade Petrifiante

or petrifying waterfall. (Actually it's not that scary ha ha). The paths are usually quite easy to follow being clearly marked with red and white blobs for the main walking routes or Grandes Randonees or yellow blobs and numbers for the smaller one or petites randonees.

After all that walking, lunch was indicated and we had wonderful seafood tabbouleh followed by milk fed pork and fresh strawberries with a quarter litre of wine and also with coffee all for 15 euros. Here are some pics so you can feel part of it all. I love the cowslips and violets, the cats were less impressed by the flowers,

and had to have a siesta in order to recover from their exertions!


JoeyJoJo said...

Darling Mrs WJ. This looks so lovely especially that blossom covered lane. Glad you're keeping the cats exercised & happy. We missed you at Williams but you're probably having just as much fun there. Lots of love from us. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

rickyroyale said...

Joey jo jo knows how to blog so that your photos will blow up big ( she has the MA in blogging ) love from me to you, you really deserve this break xxx

Mrs WJ said...

Hi Joey and rickyroyale
I think I need to come for a blogging tutorial when we get home. Some of the pics blow up and some won't but Im not sure why. We'll be home before you can blink now, can't wait for the concert!
Love to you both xxxxxx