Friday, August 8, 2008

Country Walk

This morning John and I had a wonderful country walk. We set off on a thankfully cool damp morning and walked about 12km all around Verfeil. It was beautiful and we had some amazing views of the village as we climbed higher and higher. "It's only a small hill" John trilled happily disappearing like a ferret up a trouser leg. About 2o minutes later uphill all the way we arrived at the top of the hill, well John arrived there and I was still puffing my way up. It was worth it though and there we were miles from anywhere in the middle of France. The views of the village were fantastic although it did look a long way way!

We have some amazing fields of sunflowers around the village and as we walked we saw lots of beautiful wild flowers and some quite varied wildlife including many butterflies a lot of weird red and black bugs and a scary looking spider. Walking is the very best way to enjoy the landscape and you certainly get up close and personal with the insects as my bites testify.
We also got a good look at the Seye which is the little river as in Verfeil Sur Seye.
The cows didn't seem to mind our presence and happily there was no sign of a bull. Phew

My trusty boots were very welcome as the path was steep and very slippery in places and I got terribly thirsty so the wild plums we found along the way were very welcome and refreshing.
We felt as if we had walked along way when suddenly the path vanished and we had to back track and hack through the undergrowth until we finally heard traffic and scrambled down to a little road.
We were glad to see the sign post pointing to Verfeil
and the cold Perrier was more welcome than you could believe. So far we've done three walks totalling about 30 kms cor, maybe I will go for that half marathon after all.


JoeyJoJo said...

Oh it all looks so lovely (except the spider). That sunflower photo demands to be put on a calender. Well done with the huge walk. Lucky you didn't take the cats!

JoeyJoJo said...

I'm here waiting on tenterhooks for the next exciting instalment of your blog Sally. We want more, more anything. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mrs WJ said...

It's coming I promise we've been away fro a few days, I'll tell you all about it when we get home
Love Sally